Specialists in the production of cylinders

Born from founders’ intention to provide to the international market a new, dynamic and specialized producer of pneumatic cylinders and mounting accessories, 3A Automation has been working to achieve this goal by offering a wide range of standard products and ensuring a strong effort on custom-made solutions.

Mission & Vision

Our target is supplying standard and special cylinders to our customers assuring high quality and convenient prices.

Our mission is clearly identified and summed up by four focal points.
First, specialization: we design, develop and produce only pneumatic cylinders, focusing our attention and efforts on a specific product.

Second, quality: our decision to specialize on the manufacture of pneumatic cylinders comes from the willingness to offer to our partners the highest quality products. That was possible thanks to our in-depth knowledge of materials, design, performances and needs of the field.

Third, custom-made: besides a wide range of standard products our core business is the production of special cylinders. Indeed, our motto has quickly become “Special is Our Standard”.

Fourth, cost-saving: our knowledge with pneumatic cylinders allows us to offer products at competitive and convenient prices. Processes and production optimization together with high level of knowledge and experience enabled 3A Automation to reduce the costs without affecting quality. 
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A young company with great experience

A young company but built on solid foundations: even though 3A Automation was founded only at the end of 2019, our company can count of qualified people with decades of experience and know-how in this field.

Established in Rogeno, in the province of Lecco, from the willing to offer a new and reliable producer of pneumatic cylinders and fixing accessories, 3A has quickly succeeded in supporting its partners in a more and more competitive market.

A constructive approach

With the business opening at the beginning of 2020 in a 2.500 meters square building, 3A Automation immediately had to face a hard period due to the Covid-19 pandemic that caused difficulties and delays in receiving not only goods, but also the necessary machineries.

However, the enthusiasm of the new project was so strong that 3A Automation took advantage from this period by designing a complete range of pneumatic cylinders and fixing accessories and correctly setting up and organizing the production in a long-term vision.

The growth

Since June 2020, 3A Automation has already been able to offer to the market a wide and complete portfolio thanks to its constructive and positive approach. Besides that, the previously set and organized production capacity allowed 3A Automation to reach important goals since the first business year.

In addition to the technical and commercial know-how apported by founders and employees, 3A Automation definitely stood out for its focus on quality and innovation both for standard and special solutions to meet all the customers’ needs.
Export quota50%
Special projects62%
Business growth ratio64%
Crescita aziendale
Specialist in the construction
of pneumatic cylinders.

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