Precision and reliability

One of the pillars of 3A Automation’s production is quality in its widest meaning: starting from production controls to leak tests in order to verify production compliance, besides punctuality in delivery, attention to clients, level of design and prototyping phases. To sum up, quality is a principle that we pursue at every stage of our activity: from the first contact to the after-sales phase, checking customer and its products always with the highest diligence.

Tests on cylinders

Whether it’s standard or custom-made production, 3A Automation main concern is always to ensure that every production butch coming out from our warehouse is perfectly in line with our qualitative standards without any defects or non-conformity that can reduce or compromise the good functioning of our supplied cylinders. For this reason, in addition to controls on materials and dimensions, our cylinders are subjected to testing that allow us to identify the smallest defects.

3A Automation’s products are designed, realized and tested in order to be used also in the most extreme environments, in case of managing classes of corrosion – for instance in the pharmaceutical field or in paper mills – or when harsh chemical agents, high temperature, special load of operation (and so on) are involved.

dimensional control


3A Automation is perfectly aware of the necessity to certificate its own processes and products in order to guarantee to its clients the best goods. Why haven’t we obtained the ISO certification yet? The answer lies in the “youth” of our company, founded at the beginning of 2020 just a little time before Covid-19 pandemic and its consequent restrictions. Indeed, in the last few months we are implementing all the necessary processes that will bring us to obtain soon the Quality Certification ISO 9001.

Specialist in the construction
of pneumatic cylinders.

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